The Reason Most Popular Diets Do Not Work Long Term


Over the years we have seen countless diets appear, all claiming to be the answer to your weight loss problem. The Australian Government started it all with the food pyramid (after decades, this has finally been recently updated). Since then we have had the Atkins Diet, the Zone Diet, the Hollywood Diet, The Blood-Type Diet, the Soup Diet, the Low-Carb Diet, the Protein Only Diet, the Dukan Diet, the Caveman Diet and the Paleo Diet not to mention Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers & Lite and Easy. And that is to name but a few.


Do these diets work?


Sure. Some do but most don’t.


In my opinion, most popular diets:


– Only ever provide short term results, if any at all

—- Take a lot of time to see results and lose the weight

-—  Require high intensity, high volumes of exercise

-—  See the reduction in weight coming from fluid and/or muscle mass

-—  See food restrictions border on starvation which becomes extremely difficult to maintain long-term

-—  See the weight re-appear when you go back to your normal routine (often the weight acquired exceeds your pre-diet starting weight)


Generally speaking, most popular diets include high amounts of protein, usually found in the form of lean meats, seafood or dairy products. These high protein foods create acid and as we have learned, acid leads to an accumulation of fat cells and a resistance by the body to them go.


Acid also leads to weaker muscles, a slower metabolism and low energy levels.


Living Lean is different to these popular and ‘fad’ diets.


The program is a true lifestyle change and ensures acid is never allowed to accumulate causing short-term (excess weight) and/or long term (disease) concerns.


Ensuring the Living Lean principles are applied to your lifestyle should be your long-term goal.


Knowing what you now do, you will understand why we have all struggled in the past and become frustrated at not achieving real long-lasting weight loss results.


To learn more about the revolutionary Living Lean program, download the ‘The Program’ e-book from the products page of our website or simply click here.