The Living Lean | pH Booster Directions

Directions of use for pH Booster.


Continue to use Living Lean as per program by adding 1 x sachet per 1 litre of water.


Please add ¼ tsp of pH booster to every litre of water (including the contents of sachet as outlined above).


Repeat until the desired 4 x litres per day is consumed by adding pH booster to all water consumed.


Continue taking the booster for the duration of the program.


If pH does not increase to 7.4 on the pH strip by day’s end or by the following morning, increase the amount of pH booster used to ½ tsp per 1 litre of water.


If pH still continues to be below 7.4 on the strip, add ¾ tsp and so on until pH reading is above 7.4