The Top 9 Reasons Why Your Body Refuses To Lose Weight




There are quite a few quality diets currently on the market, however what if you have tried everything out there and are still not seeing any results?


What is the cause of this and why does it only seem to happen to you?


There are a number of key factors that may be contributing to your weight loss failure. Some key elements must be included, and others avoided, for any diet to succeed.


These key elements include:


Poor Health – Your body will refuse to reduce the size of your fat cells whilst you are experiencing poor health. The key focus of any weight loss program should be improve the cellular health of the body and for that improved health to provide the foundation of future, long-term weight reduction.


Excessive Protein Consumption – Protein is vital for muscle repair. However how much protein is enough? The body can only process 25-30 grams of protein in any one meal, yet many personal trainers, whilst not legally allowed to prescribe nutritional programs, are advocating excessive protein consumption (around 250 – 300 grams per day). The by-product of excess protein, in particular animal protein, is acid and toxins and the only place the human body can store acid and toxins is inside a fat cell. Is it any wonder  your diet isn’t working and you have problem areas like the stomach, thighs and bottom, if you are consuming high amounts of protein.


Water Consumption – Water is one of the key factors of ineffective weight loss. Over-eating and sugar cravings are usually a sign of de-hydration. Many people believe that 2  litres per day provides sufficient hydration.  Where did this magic number of 2 litres originate? If I told you that we lose 2-3 litres every day due to respiration (breathing) alone, would it help to emphasis the point that 4 litres plus is optimal to ensure correct hydration? Hydration is vital in building the foundation of good health required for rapid weight loss.


What Type Of Water – We often pay more for bottled water than we do petrol. What makes this fact even more damaging, is that the water we purchase contains the acids that we are trying to remove from our system to provide the foundation of good health. It is therefore the body’s version of filling up with petrol. To avoid this, alkaline water must be consumed. The word ‘alkaline’ simply means the opposite of ‘acid’. If we want to remove acid from our body ( that is being stored inside your fat cells) why would you want to consume more of it? Alkaline water can be purchased in health food and supermarket chains, through an ionising water filter or via the cost-effective Living Lean Water Wands.


Are You Eating Alkaline Fruits and Vegetables – Real food, in particular alkaline fruits and vegetables provide many of the vitamins and minerals required for optimal health. These particular fruits and vegetables assist in removing acid and toxins from fat cells. Any fruit or vegetable that is green in colour contains large amounts of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll acts in a similar way to haemoglobin in the blood, assisting in the transportation of oxygen around the body.


Supplementation – Many synthetic supplements are counterproductive to achieving good health and weight loss. Supplements must be 100% natural and  have a specific purpose. A good example is pea or hemp protein (muscle repair) or the Living Lean Weight Loss Formula (improves alkalinity and cellular health resulting in fast and effective weight loss).


Over-training – Closely linked to, or playing a major role in poor health, over-training places enormous stress on the body. When the body is stressed is produces cortisol, which will result in an inability to lose weight.


Stress – Cortisol, is not only produced by physical exertion as outlined above, it is also produced by mental exertion, hence why it is known as the stress hormone. Cortisol is another toxin that the body must deal in its quest to find optimal health and weight loss.


Sleep – Sleep is where we give our body down-time to repair and recover. Improved health is not going to be achieved without regular, quality sleep.


Treat your body well and improved health and weight loss will occur naturally.


The Living Lean Natural Weight Loss Formula provides a fool-proof ,step-by-step plan to get the best from yourself and enable you to finally achieve the results you deserve.


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