The Reason Why You Are Gaining Weight

As previously explained in prior blog posts, moderate to high levels of toxins or acidic waste in the body leads to weight gain and/or an inability to lose weight.


Toxins are eliminated by the body in one of three ways, either through the bowel, urinary tract or skin. Putting it bluntly, we either poo it out, wee it out or sweat it out. The body can’t excrete 100% of the acid that may be present in the body, particularly if we continue to consume a diet high in acidic foods and/or indulge in an acidic lifestyle.


The initial response by the body when in an acidic state is to decrease the potency of the acid. The body buffers or neutralises the acid to the best of its ability by producing salt (minerals). The salt used to combat this gets drawn from cells of tissues, bones and essential bodily organs. The loss of salt from the cells of tissues, bones and organs then leaves these tissues, bones and organs open to disease.


The breakdown of these cells acts as a marinade would when tenderizing meat. During cell breakdown, the body goes into self-preservation mode and stores the acid inside of the fat cell. The body is continually preparing itself for further bouts of acid when living a toxic and acidic lifestyle. When this occurs additional fat cell storage sites are used within the body. This results in a significant swelling of fat cells across the entire body and may be the cause of excess fat in areas such as stomach, thighs or bottom.


The only place that the human body can store toxins (acid) is inside a fat cell. The more toxic or acidic your diet and lifestyle becomes, the larger your fat cells will become.


Therefore, when we have a diet and lifestyle that is toxic and/or acidic, your fat cells will look like this (see below):



Image 15


However, when your diet and lifestyle does not contain high amounts of toxins, the fat cells look more like this (below).



Copy of Pre - Living Lean copy

When comparing the two diagrams above, it is worth noting the change in overall size once the acid has been removed. Not only does the size decrease once acid is removed, so too does the weight and density of the fat cell.


A simple analogy I like to use is to compare the size and weight of a ten-pin bowling ball to that of a squash ball. When toxins are present in our body system, our fat cells swell to the size and weight of the ten-pin bowling ball. When we remove these toxins, they reduce to the size and weight of the squash ball.


Putting it into layman’s terms, the more toxic we are, the larger our fat cells will become. This usually leads to weight gain and makes it virtually impossible to lose significant amounts of weight from problem areas. This also illustrates why other weight loss programs may not have worked for you in the past.