The Top 10 Things To Avoid When Detoxing



An alkaline detox is a key ingredient to you achieving improved health, well being and weight loss and food plays a vital role in this process.

Detoxing whilst common in Spring, should be completed every three months. This will ensure you keep toxicity to a minimum and continue to operate in a healthy and efficient way.

For those who are suffering from chronic illness a detox should be achieved more regularly.

Certain foods will assist in the detoxification process while others will not.

Alkaline foods assist in increasing the pH levels of the body and lead to improved internal body systems, our desired result.

Acidic foods however generally cause lethargy, tiredness, skin conditions and weight gain.

So what are these the acidic foods I should stay away from and is my body acidic as a result of my previous lifestyle?

Below is a list of the top 10 acidic food items that you should avoided. Also included in this list are additional lifestyle related habits and activities that may also contribute to a spike in your internal acid levels.

Simple Carbohydrates (bread, pasta & cereal)


Caffeine (including tea)

Alcohol or Recreational Drugs

Soft Drink

Dairy Products

Meat Products

Processed or Fast Food



White (processed) Foods


Exposure to Heavy Pollution

Little or No Exercise

Consume little or no Water



Generally speaking if you consume or experience 4 or more of those items listed above your body system will be acidic.

You must immediately remove these problematic foods and lifestyle habits if you wish to avoid sickness, lethargy, tiredness, skin conditions and weight gain.

If you take nothing else from this site remember the following point….

Poor health, sickness and weight gain has nothing to do with fat! It is caused by a build up of acid within our body system.