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Four Of The Five Top Selling Items In Supermarkets Are Making Weight Loss More Difficult Than It Should Be

I recently came across statistics from the major supermarket chains in Australia regarding their top selling items.


I have attached these statistics below.






This provides a great understanding of the dietary habits of a traditional Australian family and makes for interesting reading.



What really caught my attention though, was that up to four of the top five foods are animal protein with there being only one to two items that is a fresh fruit or vegetable on the lists of popular products in these supermarket chains.



No wonder we are in the middle of an obesity epidemic when we continue to eat this way. The vast amounts of animal protein we are consuming is leading to an incredibly high acid load which makes losing weight extremely difficult.



Whilst I wasn’t around all those years ago, I can only assume that the hunter and gathers of the past didn’t eat meat everyday.



They ate plant based food (fruits and vegetables) majority of the time and only consumed meat when a ‘kill’ occurred which I would assume was every 4 or 5 days at best.



And the hunter and gather didn’t have an obesity problem as far as I am aware.



Our body is able to absorb the nutrients from plant based food in a much easier and bio-available way and these foods do not lead to significant weight gain or the associated illness that come with it.



Putting these statistics into context, I am sure that there are percentage of people that prefer to purchase their fresh fruit and vegetables from the green grocer as opposed to the large supermarket chains.



Regardless, ensure you consume more fruits and vegetables (preferably the alkaline type) and less animal protein if you are looking to remove those excess kilos and improve your health.



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Living Lean Made Easy – Thanks Jamie Oliver and Woolworths


The evolution of fresh, convenience food is gathering some momentum, however the majority of these still contain a few nasty, non-approved acid forming ingredients.


So if you are a Living Lean customer and the non-creative type in the kitchen, you need to take note.


Finding fast, fresh, nutritious, Living Lean-approved food can sometimes be a challenge, particularly when looking to fulfil the ‘soft, mashed or pureed’ requirement.


It seems Jamie Oliver and Woolworth have heard this cry for help and developed a fantastic Living Lean approved soup for you to enjoy.




I had to write about this to let you all know how user-friendly it was.


Featuring Living Lean approved ingredients, this soup ticks all the boxes.


Fast, fresh, convenient, delicious and containing no ‘nasties’, what more could you ask for.


The fact that it is ready in 3 minutes just tops it off.


Thank you Jamie Oliver and Woolworths. You were always one of my idols, maybe it is time to get a Living Lean kit over to you in the UK.


We will be on the look out for any further supermarket hidden gems and will keep you updated on all new arrivals.

The Reason Most Popular Diets Do Not Work Long Term


Over the years we have seen countless diets appear, all claiming to be the answer to your weight loss problem. The Australian Government started it all with the food pyramid (after decades, this has finally been recently updated). Since then we have had the Atkins Diet, the Zone Diet, the Hollywood Diet, The Blood-Type Diet, the Soup Diet, the Low-Carb Diet, the Protein Only Diet, the Dukan Diet, the Caveman Diet and the Paleo Diet not to mention Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers & Lite and Easy. And that is to name but a few.


Do these diets work?


Sure. Some do but most don’t.


In my opinion, most popular diets:


– Only ever provide short term results, if any at all

—- Take a lot of time to see results and lose the weight

-—  Require high intensity, high volumes of exercise

-—  See the reduction in weight coming from fluid and/or muscle mass

-—  See food restrictions border on starvation which becomes extremely difficult to maintain long-term

-—  See the weight re-appear when you go back to your normal routine (often the weight acquired exceeds your pre-diet starting weight)


Generally speaking, most popular diets include high amounts of protein, usually found in the form of lean meats, seafood or dairy products. These high protein foods create acid and as we have learned, acid leads to an accumulation of fat cells and a resistance by the body to them go.


Acid also leads to weaker muscles, a slower metabolism and low energy levels.


Living Lean is different to these popular and ‘fad’ diets.


The program is a true lifestyle change and ensures acid is never allowed to accumulate causing short-term (excess weight) and/or long term (disease) concerns.


Ensuring the Living Lean principles are applied to your lifestyle should be your long-term goal.


Knowing what you now do, you will understand why we have all struggled in the past and become frustrated at not achieving real long-lasting weight loss results.


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The Benefits of An Alkaline Body




The sole purpose of the Living Lean program is to assist the body’s transformation from an acidic (unhealthy) state to one which is more alkaline (healthy), and in doing so, ensure the body operates the way it was designed.


The Living Lean program attempts to maximise alkalinity by:


– The consumption of high quality healthy fats

– Having a strong focus on green vegetables

– Drinking appropriate amounts of water

– Ensuring correct supplementation for optimal body health and cell production

– Exercising consistently

– Following the five step program (SCOWE – principle) for optimal health, fitness and wellbeing


Benefits of increasing the body’s alkalinity include:


– A reduction in the chances of contracting disease

– Ensuring ideal body weight

– Ensuring maximum muscle mass

– Improved clarity of mind

– Improved skin health

– Improved hormonal balance

– Improved energy levels


The more alkaline our body becomes the healthier we are, the more energy we have and most importantly, the more weight we will lose.


Remember, think of a fat cell being the size of a pea with no acid is present, and it being the size of a billiard ball with the presence of acid.


The change in size and weight of our fat cells when thinking this way, is dramatic, yet realistic.


This is due to fat cells being the only place the human body can store acid.


When we remove the acid from our diet we eliminate substantial amounts of stored body fat in very short periods of time.


So make the choice; would you prefer an acidic diet with billiard ball-sized fat cells or a clean, healthy, alkaline diet with pea-sized fat cells.


You decide.


This is the secret behind the outstanding results achieved on the Living Lean program.


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Achieve Rapid Weight Loss by Removing These Foods From Your Diet

Contrary to popular belief, excess weight has nothing to do with fat!


The major cause of weight gain and/or an inability to lose weight is due to moderate/high levels of acid found within the body. As outlined in previous blogs, when acid is present in the body it gets stored inside fat cells.



When we consume food, a chemical reaction occurs to break down and digest those foods. This reaction determines whether the food we consume is acidic (unhealthy) or alkaline (healthy).



The human body is alkaline by design yet acidic by function. The acidic functionality of our lifestyle and diet sees our body unable to cope with this foreign functioning and is a major cause of weight gain and obesity.



Occasionally, foods that are acidic outside the body become alkaline upon consumption. Good examples are lemon and lime. Both products are highly acidic outside the body however when consumed they actually have an alkaline effect. Generally speaking though, the higher the acid level of the food, the higher the amount of acid produced by the body.



A high acid level within the human body does not only come from the food and drink we consume. It can also be accumulated through stress and environmental factors (pollution), exercise, recreational drugs and cigarettes.



Acid produced by the body is just as toxic and dangerous as the acid you place into your swimming pool. Acid is extremely dangerous and must be treated with caution at all times to minimise the ill-effects on both our short and long term health.



So how do we know if we are acidic or not and therefore making weight loss more difficult than it should be?



A fool-proof way is to accurately test the acid levels of your body cells is via pH strips. Living Lean can send you a pH strip in the mail by clicking here. These pH strips are a non-invasive way of testing pH by simply dipping into a sample of urine.



Even without undertaking a pH urine test we can make some general assumptions as to your current pH and associated acid levels via the checklist below.



Generally speaking if you consume or experience four or more of the following you will be acidic.


  • Simple carbohydrates i.e. bread, pasta & cereal


  • Fruit or Fruit Juice


  • Sugar


  • Coffee or Tea


  • Protein Supplements


  • Alcohol or recreational drugs


  • Tobacco


  • Soft Drink


  • Dairy products


  • Meat products including chicken


  • Processed or fast food


  • Yeast


  • Fungus


  • White foods


  • Stress


  • Exposed to pollution


  • Little or no exercise


  • Consume little or no water



If you do consume or experience four or more those items listed above you may be making good health and weight loss more difficult than it should be due to over-acidification.


You must remove these problematic foods and lifestyle habits immediately if you wish to avoid an accumulation of fat cells and allow your body to function the way was designed.


Weight loss is simple when you understand this principle and explains an integral component of the revolutionary Living Lean program.