The Weight Loss Results Continue With Living Lean!



Faith is another of our Living Lean Weight Loss Formula success stories and a fine example of what can be achieved on our revolutionary program.


Having completed the 15 day Weight Loss Formula four times over the past six months, Faith has lost a staggering 24 kgs*.


Living Lean has provided the education, motivation and inspiration to make a positive change to her life, and that of her family.


Her results have been validated via ‘Inbody’ technology (medical grade bio-impedance scanning)  which has seen an improvement in all health-related markers including visceral fat, body cell count and bone density not to mention body fat and total muscle mass.


As previously outlined, Faith has completed the 15 day Living Lean Weight Loss phase four times over the past six months, with her following the Living Lean ‘Lifestyle’ in between.


“So here I am, six months later, 24 kgs lighter, 5 dress sizes smaller, 4 bra cup sizes smaller, 10 kgs of organ (visceral) fat lighter, bright eyed, clear head, zero headaches, crazy amounts of muscle tone I never had before and boundless energy every single day*”


Faith’s dedication to adhering to the Living Lean Weight Loss Formula has seen her achieve never-before-seen results and is living proof that this program really does work.


Not only does it work, but it works in record time and is as simple as following three simple guidelines:


1. Consuming foods from our ‘Approved Food’ list (mainly fruit and vegetables)


2. Ensuring these foods are consumed in a soft, mashed or pureed state, and


3. Consuming our Living Lean Natural Weight Loss Formula


If you can commit to achieving these three daily requirements, you too, could be a Living Lean success story.


If you want to get started, simply click here to purchase the 5 or 15 day Living Lean Natural Weight Loss Formula.


But firstly, please join me in congratulating Faith, on creating a new you!


Well done.